Sunshine by Maretta Tumbler

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"It is so easy to look at the painting and see the entirety of the NICU rollercoaster, where sometimes the cloud/sunshine struggle played on repeat in ten minute intervals. I can see the feeding struggles, the Cerebral Palsy diagnosis at 8 months adjusted age, her subsequent and related failure to thrive and the placement of the G-tube, the hospitalization with what was most likely COVID at the beginning of 2020, and to our present focus on managing her seizures and associated challenges.

Though the number of seizures she has had now qualify her for the Epilepsy diagnosis as well, her primary diagnosis and reason for the development of the seizures lies with her Cerebral Palsy diagnosis that goes all the way back to the beginning with her premature birth. I have no choice but to marvel at all that God has done. What I see as a beautiful mess, he sees through to the end." 

We will wear green on March 25th for CP Awareness and turn around and wear purple on March 26th for Epilepsy Awareness. But neither of these will serve as the design for this year's Pearl Package fundraiser. 

This year, encouraged by my sweet cousin and her daughter, (who came up with the amazing idea to feature Maretta's own handiwork), we decided to celebrate this milestone moment by using Maretta's first painting as the design for both tote bags and tumblers! 

 Product Details:
Blank Material: Stainless Steel
Color: White
Size: 8.46"H x 2.91"D (Top) x 2.76"D (Bottom)

Recommended for hand washing.
These come with a plastic cover and a metal or plastic straw.

These designs are done by sublimation, which is a process that applies the image into the product, not on top of. So there is no chipping, fading, or peeling with these!